Our ‘Impact & Intelligence’ approach is designed to generate the best return from digital spend. It requires an intelligent understanding of our client’s values and who their audience is in order to guide an impactful strategy across the most relevant and cost effective media platforms. 


How Can We Help You?

We are growth hackers, the platforms we use are designed for detailed targeting and are therefore the perfect tool for cost efficient marketing. We use these tools for our clients in areas we are confident they will have the biggest impact:

Are you looking to grow areas of your customer base?

Are you entering a new territory?

Do you have a new product on the way?

We have the skills you need to be successful with your digital goals. We take the time to understand these goals and help provide the insight required to guide them. This enables us to provide the best possible digital solution to fit your budget and reach your targets.

See What Farrer Digital Can Do For You

Our Experience

Our team have over 5 years experience working with luxury brands including travel, fashion and lifestyle. We have also worked with a number of start ups de-risking paid digital as a route to revenue and have worked with recruiters and community based brands. Our Charity Scheme has also lead us to work with a number of charities.




Farrer Digital specialises in de-risking digital media for brands. We develop growth strategies to help brands get in the right shape to tackle digital platforms.


We help ensure websites are in the correct position to onboard new customers cost effectively and manage campaigns across a range of platforms including Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing Ads, Twitter, YouTube and more. We’d be happy to help your brand achieve success digitally.