Farrer Digital
A digital marketing agency founded in 2012 specialising in the delivering scalable marketing campaigns across digital media. Our experience offers brands skills and expertise for growth.

"When we first started working with Farrer Digital, we had only just begun our PPC journey. They quickly helped establish and grow our PPC channel into one of our biggest revenue streams, seeing repeated annual growth of 3X and strong ROAS of 300%. They have added great value to our business.” 

Co-Founder - London Sock Company

Impact & Intelligence 

Our ‘Impact & Intelligence’ approach is designed to generate the best return from digital spend. It requires an intelligent understanding of our client’s values and who their audience is in order to guide an impactful strategy across the most relevant and cost effective media platforms. 

"Farrer Digital have been instrumental in helping us to set up our account and to define and refine our strategy. This project was quite complex as we have a global reach, nine distinct programmes to promote, with very niche content. Farrer Digital helped us to overcome these challenges and to strike a balance between increasing visitors to our site, while ensuring the relevancy of that traffic."
Digital Marketing Manager, GSMA

“Tusk is incredibly grateful for Farrer Digital’s support, which has been instrumental. The team there have been very attentive at working out how to grab people’s attention most effectively from who we are and what we do. They have extended Tusk’s reach to the digital community at an important time in the charity’s growth.”

Charlie Mayhew MBE, Chief Executive, Tusk

The Farrer Digital Charity Scheme

We launched our charity support scheme in 2015 to help a number of charities achieve digital success without heavy costs. This now supports over 15 charities. 

Grow Your Digital Revenue


What we do

At Farrer Digital we take time to understand your goals enabling us to create the most cost-efficient strategy across only the platforms that suit you. We offer the following:

  • Digital Services
  • Social Media Marketing (Paid)
  • Search Engine  (SEM/PPC)
  • Digital Growth Forecasting
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation & Data Analysis
  • Data Marketing / Retargeting
  • Display & Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Content Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Paid Digital Platforms
  • Facebook (Facebook Business Manager)
  • Instagram (Facebook Business Manager)
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Apple Ads
  • Amazon Ads

We Deliver Results

We aim to provide our clients with the highest ROI possible with intelligent & cost effective digital marketing solutions.

Our Work














How Else Can We Help?

We partner selected businesses enabling us to offer a full digital solution.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Branding / Re-Branding
  • PR, Brand Strategy & Content
  • Creative Advert Design

Find our more about our selected partners here on our Affiliates page


Farrer Digital specialises in de-risking digital media for brands. We develop growth strategies to help brands get in the right shape to tackle digital platforms.


We help ensure websites are in the correct position to onboard new customers cost effectively and manage campaigns across a range of platforms including Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing Ads, Twitter, YouTube and more. We’d be happy to help your brand achieve success digitally.