How Recruiters Are Using PPC Marketing

In a candidate short market it is crucial to find new cost-effective acquisition channels. Our clients are now finding 14-25% of new candidates via PPC. 

How Can Recruiters Act To Tackle The Candidate Short Market?


In a candidate short market it is crucial to understand where jobs applicants are coming from whilst finding new and cost effective ways of attracting them. The quality of job board applicants is dropping and making it onto Google’s first page without a huge SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) budget is unlikely.


So What Can Recruiters Do?

  • The majority of job seekers will use Google at some stage during their hunt, however job boards and the major industry players dominate the results.
  • The reality is that a specialist recruiter has a better service to offer a candidate than job boards.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing allows recruiters to own retail space in the top three ad positions of Google for searches specific to their sector and location.


Google Adverts, do they work?

  • Yes, between 14-23% of all job applications and candidate registrations for our recruitment clients are now coming directly from these adverts.
  • We expect around 1-2% of everyone who sees the adverts to click, from which on average 1 in 10 people go on to apply for a job or register.
  • 1-2% isn’t many clicks? With PPC you pay per click so the remaining 98-99% is free marketing to candidates at the very top of Google’s page 1.


What if they leave without applying?

  • Scenario: Visitor looks at four senior level marketing jobs but doesn’t see what they are looking for this time and doesn’t apply.
  • With a method called Re-marketing, the simple addition of a piece of code on each web page will send an advert referencing senior marketing jobs to that visitor as they browse other websites.
  • Those adverts which follow you around? Yes, with the correct set up we have seen 10% of the people who click on these return to the site and apply for a job.
So How Does PPC Marketing Work?

PPC Marketing allows you to select a number of keywords to bid on. When someone makes a search for one of your keywords your advert will appear in one of the advert slots.

You choose how much you pay, you choose the locations of the people searching and then send people to a page containing exactly what they are searching for to maximise the chance of a job application or registration.

In this example, a digital project manager makes a Google search for jobs:













They've clicked the advert, now what?


Encouraging job seekers to click is the first half of the journey. The second half is to ensure that once they’ve clicked they see what they were looking for, can quickly navigate the options and apply with ease.

Below is the landing page the job seeker who searched “digital project manager jobs” is taken to:











So Will PPC Work For You?

There are certain ingredients you will need in order to share the PPC successes our clients have seen. Do you have: 

  • A good number of quality jobs?
  • An average placement fee of at least £4-5K+?
  • A friendly user experience on the website?
  • The ability to register or apply online?






Farrer Digital's Credentials





Network Locum – Client of over 2 years.

Specialist Medical Recruiter

  • Farrer Digital have contributed 22.76% of all new candidate registrations via Google, Bing & Social Network over the past 12 months.
  • Average click to register rate over this period: 11.17%     

Aspire – Client of 14 months.

Specialist in Digital, Media & Marketing Communications Recruitment

  • Farrer Digital contributed 14% of all online job applications & candidate registrations in Asia over the past 9 months.
  • Average click to register rate over this period: 5.9%

Discuss how this can work for you: [email protected] 

Please find a testimonial from Aspire:

“Aspire have been working with Farrer Digital for 11 months. Getting paid placement and advertisment right with different geographical domains and territories, is tricky, especially when you have a complex offering such as Aspire – we don’t just specialise in one role type as a digital, media and marketing recruiter. The guys at Farrer Digital are always looking for ways to improve our CPA, naturally work in a consultative manner, always putting new ideas into action, evaluating and whenever asked for any requests the guys deliver.

If you want to work with a focused start up, that puts the client first – even if you don’t have huge budgets to play with – (yet!) – then I would recommend without hesitation.” Una McGuinness – Global Managing Director, Aspire


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