What We Do

Farrer Digital aims to provide its clients with the highest ROI possible with
impactful and intelligent digital marketing solutions.

Paid Search

Promote your products and services at the top of search engine results at the point a potential customer is making a relevant search about your business.

Social Media Marketing

Engage with current and future customers by harnessing the marketing powers of social media.  Locate promising leads and communicate directly with your target audience.

Display Marketing

Take your display campaigns to the next level by placing adverts alongside relevant content directed only to users based within the best possible locations.

Email Marketing

With a strong content strategy and a well organised database, email remains one of the more effective methods of communicating with a customer base.

Mobile Marketing

As more and more digest content on the move it becomes increasing important to ensure your marketing campaigns optimised for Mobile Devices. How does your website look on a smart phone? Are your mobile marketing messages targeted to those short of time or changing location?

Digital Consulting

We take time to understand your marketing goals to make sure your digital strategy matches your budget and needs. Be aware of the most up to date digital techniques and benefit from those most appropriate for your business.

Reporting and Analysis

Understanding your best and worst performing sales channels is the key to any successful marketing campaign. Optimising activity on a daily basis and tracking the return on every penny spent empowers businesses to secure the best return on investment.

Consumer Insights

Understand where your website traffic is coming from and how users are behaving on your site in order to best design your digital strategy and optimise your web pages for the best possible user experience maximum chance of engagement.



If you would prefer to take our skills in-house we can offer tailor-made training sessions across any of the above that will enable you to manage your own campaigns with confidence.

Affiliate services

We partner with selected businesses enabling us to offer a full digital solution: Search Engine Optimisation • Website Building / Re-building • Branding / Re-branding • Print Literature • Creative Advert Design


Farrer Digital will design you a tailor-made system providing maximum digital exposure targeted only to those people relevant for you.

Farrer Digital specialises in de-risking digital media for brands. We develop growth strategies to help brands get in the right shape to tackle digital platforms.


We help ensure websites are in the correct position to onboard new customers cost effectively and manage campaigns across a range of platforms including Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing Ads, Twitter, YouTube and more. We’d be happy to help your brand achieve success digitally.